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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Grand Canadian Chant Family Holiday!!!

So we've finally arrived at the hotel! We've been up for eighteen hours by now so I'm going to sleep like a baby.

We had the usual airport scares: did we all have our passports and luggage and then, my personal favourite, someone lost their cards!

My dad is usually the one to age us all prematurely by declaring a loss of credit cards about half an hour before we're due to board. However on this occasion it was my Uncle Graham that induced mass hysteria, and everyone split up in an effort to locate the missing items.

About five minuets after everyone had disappeared (in different directions) Uncle Graham 'found' his cards... In his trouser pocket. Relieved, we set about calling the others mobile's to tell them all was well and that our gate had just been announced.

The thing is, us Chant's are selectively deaf: we don't recognise our own ring tones!!! Panic once again ruled as those of us who had remained with the hand luggage while our intrepid fellows searched Heathrow for the missing articles, wondered what we were going to do.

After fifteen fruitless minuets of calling every family member I could over and over again, a new and dangerous idea was put forward: more people would have to leave the safety of the huddle to find our stray comrades!!!

This is a VERY risky strategy and was not undertaken lightly.

Somehow we managed to locate all of our number and board the plane, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is very little hope of anyone getting lost on an aeroplane!

I indulged in a movie fest that totalled three an a half films... I'm still a little miffed that I don't know how the last one ended!!!

Unfortunately in the scramble to get off the plane another item went missing, this time a phone...

Dear reader, it was mine!

So if you get any weird texts from me...

On the way to our hotel near Niagara we stopped at a diner and discovered that Canadians have a real sweet tooth. Also, no gluten free option, much to my friend Kit's dismay. She had to make do with a salad while the rest of us chowed down some sweet carbohydrate goodness...

I kind of feel mean about that... But such is life! ;-) 

So now I'm in my hotel room, all bed time ablutions at an end and its time to put down my pen. This Cinderella has a date with the fluffiest of pillows and I'm gonna give sleeping beauty a run for her money!!!


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