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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New Release: Severance (The Chronicles of Discord, #2)

Hi everyone!


Dystopia - Futuristic - Adventure - Mystery - Romance


The Head Families are at war, those who oppose Elder Headman Amajit view Astra's acceptance into the house of Singh as an abomination, a pollution of the pure Una bloodlines. 
Duty and honour ought to be clear, still Kai and Astra must learn to overcome their past and rely on each other, or face death. 
Senator Burton remains trapped in the Tula strongholds with no word of his son. Should he compromise, or seize the chance to stop Ladron? 
Ben seems safe under Amajit's protection, but time is running out and a man once accustomed to influence, finds himself a pawn in a play for power. 
The separation has begun...

The first book in the series, Fracture, is FREE on Amazon at the moment, so grab your copy now!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

DeeDee ;-)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Behind The Scenes: Gentian's First Photoshoot!!!

Hi everyone!

So here it is: Gentian's second vlog!

This was filmed just before and during our photoshoot. We had fun even though we were soooo nervous!!! Now we just hope that the photos turn out okay!!!

The images that we're having done will be our album cover, so it was quite important that we didn't make a mess of it!!!

Hope find it interesting!!!

DeeDee ;-)

Dress Up With Gentian!!!

Hi everyone!

so I'm pretty sure that you all know by now that as well as writing, I'm in a band with my sister. In January we're going to Resident Studios in London to record our first EP!!! Andy Rugg (who worked as a sound engineer for Coldplay from 2009-2012!!!) will be working on our EP which is AWESOME!!!

My sister, Jingle, is the driving force behind the band and it's through her hard work in getting our music out there that we've come this far with God's help.

Below is our very first Band vlog, all about our preparations for the photo shoot. Hopefully you'll enjoy getting to know us a bit better!  ;-)

DeeDee  ;-)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Fracture: Book Tour!!!

Hi Everyone!

So Fracture's book tour is just around the corner (28th of November to the 13th of December). If you're interested in taking part the link is below! 
There will be:
*This or That's
*Author Interviews
*Character Interviews

You can take part in as many (or as few!) as you like.

(11-28 to 12-13) Fracture (14 Day Tour)

Here's Fracture's blurb and cover:

In a world torn apart by war, three nations stand divided.

The Free Nation
Senator Burton and his son Ben arrive in the Tula strongholds for peace talks, but find that a treaty between the two nations has a price. Confronted by a world of sedate tranquility the two men are appalled to learn that the Tula Council rules with an iron rod of fear and repression. The Council removes anyone who dares to stand in the way of their reforms and Ben uncovers a secret that puts his life in danger.

The Tula
Astra has been pressured into working for the very Council that threatens to kill her loved ones. No stranger to loss, the precariously balanced world she has constructed begins to fracture when Ben starts asking difficult questions about her past. As her deepest secrets are uncovered, Astra finds there are secrets in her childhood that even she is unaware of.

The Una
Kai is Apprentice Headman to the Una people. Unaccountably called upon to sacrifice his honour in the name of peace, Kai's hatred toward this injustice proves all consuming. If the time comes, will he be able to forgive the woman that betrayed him?

When these three worlds collide ugly truths come to light on every side. Is there any way to make peace, or will the world end in discord.

(11-28 to 12-13) Fracture (14 Day Tour)

DeeDee ;-)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Promise: Free Book Alert!!!

Hi everyone!

Just to let everyone know that The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #1) is now available to download for FREE from Amazon and Smashwords.


Orphaned as a child, Adele of Berron found herself betrothed to a stranger and hidden from the outside world until the day of her marriage. Forced to leave her home and those who have cared for her since infancy, Adele is thrust into the adventure of her life. 
Rafe of Valrek, her companion through the dangerous web of intrigue she faces, has been promised to Adele since the battle for Calis destroyed both of their lives. His reckless decision to conceal his identity from her may destroy all he holds dear. Or maybe in each other they will find the ally neither ever dreamed existed.

Grab your copy now!!!

DeeDee ;-)

Monday, 3 November 2014

New Release: Claire and the Big Bad Bunny!!!

                                                       *NEW RELEASE*

Claire and the Big Bad Bunny is now available for Amazon! Catch up with Claire and the gang as they holiday in Scotland, just 77p (99c). Amazon unlimited members can download for FREE!


Claire is invited on a weekend getaway by her best friend Bunny. Staying in a Scottish Castle sounds like fun and Claire is willing to overlook the fact that Bunny's almost sister-in-law, Snotty Lottie, has also been invited. 
However Bunny hasn't been entirely honest. 
Fresh air, kilts and Snotty Lottie... what could possible go wrong? 

This is a 7.900 word short story, #3 book in the 'Claire' series of short stories.

Buy on
Buy on
Add on Goodreads

Also in this series:

Claire and the Party
Claire and the Haircut of Doom

Grab your copy now!!!

DeeDee ;-D

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Broken City: FREE on Amazon and Smashwords!!!

Hi everyone,

Broken City is now free on both Amazon and smashwors: grab your copy now!!!


In a Broken City, filled with warring tribes, lives: 

A girl with no future 
A man with no past 
A little lost boy 
And those who seek to find him.... 

....Welcome to Deeta's world. 

Deeta Richards has never seen the outside world. Before she was born a banking crisis brought civilization to an end and now no one leaves the safety of the compounds unless they need to, but Deeta still dreams of seeing more than the building she was born in. 
Tom is in the guard, this group are the only people that the tribal elders allow to leave the compound and Tom knows only too well that Deeta could never survive the harshness that exists outside. Then tragedy strikes and Deeta and her Sister Jan find themselves captured by a hostile tribe. Why does Tom know so much about these people? And why do they know so much about him? As this mystery draws to a climax, they discover that their friend Tom is not quite what he seems...

Buy It Now!

Don't forget to spread the word!!!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sneak Peek: Severance (Chronicles of Discord, #2)

Hi everyone!

So my big news is that Severance is almost ready to publish!!!

*Pompom Dance*

I still have a few things to iron out before the book goes live but I've posted a sneaky peeky for everyone waiting to see what will happen to Astra, Kai and the gang next!

I really hope you like it!

Severance (Chronicles of Discord, 2) - Wattpad

DeeDee ;-D  xxx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Chronicles of Discord: FREE BOOK ALERT!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I haven't posted in an age but I've been reallllyyyy busy.

My most exciting news is that I'm at the 90.000 word mark in the first edit of Severance (The Chronicles of Discord, #2). I'm really getting excited and I'm hoping it will be ready to release some time in November!!!

If you haven't read the first book 'Fracture' yet I'm doing a special *one week* promotion through where you can pick up the first book in the series for FREE! If you love dystopian adventures with action and romance: look no further!

Smashwords supports all Ereaders!

Fracture Synopsis:

In a world torn apart by war and divided into three nations Astra struggles to achieve balance. As a child she experienced a horror that caused her life to fracture around her, changing in an instant everything she’d ever known. 
Sixteen years later and Astra has been pressured into a false position by her past and is forced into taking a stand that enables her to keep her loved ones safe, but the cost is high.
Caught in an intolerable position Astra is loyal to only one thing: the family that loves her. But when a diplomatic mission from the Free Nation arrives for peace talks with the Tula, Astra’s precariously balanced world begins to fracture again.

The code for your personal FREE copy is: GK92G 

Happy reading!

DeeDee  :-D

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Release: The Vow (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #2)

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that The Vow is now live! Grab your copy now!


Dear Reader, 

My next story begins with Velrek, where Lord Rafe and Lady Adele's arrival was cause for much celebration and rejoicing. 
However Finan of Gournay, Rafe's foster brother and the captain of Valreks army, could not help a lingering feeling of worry. 
Were Rafe and Adele truly safe from Lord Kyule's hate? 
Adding to Finan's problems was the unsettling presence of Rafe's sister, Lady Esme. Used to keeping his distance from the woman of Valrek, Finan found that he could no longer escape as before. 
As danger and treachery enveloped Valrek, Finan and Esme found themselves drawn together to fight the shadowy assailant that threatened the lives of those they loved. 
What secrets would they unearth in their search for the enemy that taunted them? 
Would they find that their stories were more closely linked than either of them ever knew? 
Allow me please to answer these questions... 

Lady Quill

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Download BROKEN CITY For Free!!!

Hi everyone!

Broken City is now available to download for free from!!! So grab your copy!

In other news DeeDee has had an interview go live to day! Thank you, Katy, for having me on your blog!

 Serious | Katherine Jenkins

Just for fun | Katherine Jenkins

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bublish! Let's Make Some Bubbles!!!

So DeeDee has just set up her Bublish account! Yay!

At the bottom of the blog you will see Broken City's first Bubble, a scene with an insight from yours truly. If you have a favourite scene and have a question that you want answered, just comment or email me. I'll publish another bubble with the scene and an answer to your question!

Have a great day everyone!!!

DeeDee.  ;-D

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Vow (Lady Quill Chronicles, #2): Book Trailer!

The Vow's book trailer is here!!!

Add on goodreads.


Dear Reader,

My next story begins with Velrek, where Lord Rafe and Lady Adele's arrival was cause for much celebration and rejoicing.
However Finan of Gourney, Rafe's foster brother and the captain of Valreks army, could not help a lingering feeling of worry.
Were Rafe and Adele truly safe from Lord Kyule's hate?
Adding to Finan's problems was the unsettling presence of Rafe's sister, Lady Esme. Used to keeping his distance from the woman of Valrek, Finan found that he could no longer escape as before.
As danger and treachery enveloped Valrek, Finan and Esme found themselves drawn together to fight the shadowy assailant that threatened the lives of those they loved.
What secrets would they unearth in their search for the enemy that taunted them?
Would they find that their stories were more closely linked than either of them ever knew?
Allow me please to answer these questions...

Lady Quill

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Long Listed For The SpaSpa Awards!!!

I have some GREAT news!!!

Both Fracture and Claire and the haircut of Doom have been long listed into this years SpaSpa awards held by Indie Book Bargains!!!

I'm super dooper excited and so thrilled!!!

The Promise was a runner up in last year's HF category and I'm really hoping that I've have another cool badge to pin on my wall this year!!! ;-P

As it is I already have this one:    

Isn't it pretty?!?!?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Decisions, Decisions: Which Cover Do You Like Best???

Hi Everyone!

You may recall me telling you that a while ago my computer died and took all my files with it. All the covers for my Lady Quill Chronicles series were on it and I lost them, so now I'm having to start all over again!

I have two ideas that I'm TORN between.

Do I go with a picture of a pretty woman (Different Woman for each book!) or do I have a picture of a rose (a different colour rose for each book)?

I've done a few mock ups and I'd really love your opinion: which style do you like best???

Each book will have a different coloured background, here are the options:


Or Two:

Lady or Rose???

The decision is yours!!!

DeeDee.  ;-D

Monday, 5 May 2014

Book Stand At The Devon Show!!!

It's that time of the year again!

The Devon show opens 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May and Buy My Book and yours truly will have a stand in the craft tent!


We're busily sorting things out: new cards to be ordered, a stall to sort out and some big signs to catch some attention! Last time we were famous for our HUGE toy sheep, I wonder what it will be this year!

I'm also look forward to indulging in some Tom's pies!!! ;-P

Joining me will be S.G. Alan, the YA author of The Sooner. The paperback version of her book is available here.

Also joining me will be M. Dawn, the children's author. Paperback copies of her books can be found here.

Our books will be discounted especially for the show, so come along and grab some bargains!!!

D.D. Chant.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Guest Post!!!

A big thank you to Will Macmillan Jones for letting me loose on his blog today. He was very kind and said I could talk about anything I wanted to: even nails!!!

Instead of putting him through that torture I decided to write a 'how to' post.

Click on the link below to take you to Will's blog!

How To... Write A Villlan!!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Days 24 & 25

Days 24 & 25

Just a quick update because its late and I'm reallllyyy tired! 
Day 24 and we drove from Florence to Eureka. The scenery was sooo beautiful even though it rained most of the day! We stopped off at Walmart for bread, lettuce and chicken and a huge order of Starbucks!

On a related side note, I may be addicted to snickerdoodles.

Day 25 we drove from Eureka to San Francisco, we took the scenic route (also known as the car sick route). It was worth it though, we have some incredible pickys to take home. We stopped on the way for dinner, drove THROUGH a tree! And saw a log cabin (made from a single log)

It's pretty late now, so I'm off to bed!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Canada: Days 21, 22 & 23

Yesterday we had to leave the cabin for good and travel to Victoria so that we could catch the ferry across to Seattle tomorrow. It was a 4 hour journey and we stopped to look at a lake or two on the way. Out of the three cars we hired when we arrived only two have sat nav. 

Yep, you've guessed it! Ours was the one without! 

This led to a few interesting occasions where we were completely lost. As we were making our way to the hotel in Victoria, a red light split us from the rest of the convoy. I can't lie: we had a hectic 20 minutes trying to find our way!

The hotel was really nice, there were tons of cherry trees blossoming everywhere (or as we like to call them: wedding trees!). We made plans to meet in the lobby early the next morning to see Butchant gardens.

The next morning didn't go quite to plan: some people seemed confused as to what time had been specified and as a result the lobby was surprisingly empty when we reached it.

Fortunately Starbucks was next door!

Finally we arrived at the gardens, they were beautiful! My favourite was the Japanese gardens, but the sunken garden was pretty spectacular too! :-)

We were still strolling around the gardens when we found out that we had the wrong time for the ferry and we were in danger of being late!!! So off we scurried and made it on time!

My uncle Graham had made a group booking with the ferry company and we had priority boarding because my uncle's in a wheelchair. We were sitting in the crowded waiting room and the lady was announcing over the speaker system the order of boarding. After all the announcements she said : but first would the Chant party come forward to board first.

So off we trotted! As we were passing everyone a little boy turned to his mother and asked in a hopeful tone: are we part of the Chant party, mommy?

The next day we picked up the RV, it was huge!!! Despite being out of the hotel by 9.30 am, somehow we didn't actually start the first leg of our journey until 3:00 pm! The first bit was all of 350 miles! Which meant that we accomplished the first stretch of our route 101 trip in darkness!

Very, very typical of us Chants!!!

We arrived at our first stop at 10:30 pm, crawled into our beds tiredly and fell asleep. All except my Dad who had steadily drunk coffee for most of the day, so he didn't sleep at all..DeeDee

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Canada: days 17, 18 & 19.

Okay so on day 17 we went to see English man falls:

Very beautiful as you can see, we took the trail from the main falls down to the lower falls and did some exercise too! ;-P

The we went to the sea side and watched the sea lions playing in the bay!

On day 18 we went for a boat trip from Port Alberni to Bamfield on the Francis Barclay.

Today we've been packing because tomorrow we leave Canada and hop over the border in to America to start our trip down route 101. We're getting an RV and everything!!!

Sorry this is just a short post but I have to get back to packing...  My clothes have been breeding and I'm short on room!!!

DeeDee ;-D

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Canada: days 15 & 16

Welcome to days 15 & 16 of the Chant family's adventure!
I'll be honest and tell you that yesterday I spent most of my time editing.

I got 5000 words done and  I just introduced Leofric, Daegmund and Anlaf back in to the story. I have to say that Daegmund is my favourite character to write, he's just so inappropriate! He has a lot more page time in this book which is good, there's so much going wrong but he really lightens the mood. You gotta love a bit of Gradock arrogance!

The I spent the afternoon introducing my friend Kit to the world of Thor... Now that was a few well spent hours! I know what you're thinking: how had this chick managed to be my friend and yet not have watched Thor??? Well the truth is she didn't fess up to the crime until yesterday!

The good news is that she has been totally assimilated and so we can still be friends. :-P
We started the film and she was like: blondes don't really do it for me. I told her that until Thor I had been an aficionado of the dark side too, but Thor was in a class a of his own.
By the end of the film she was singing a different tune! Tonight it's The Avengers and the day after Thor 2. At some point we'll have to watch Iron man 2&3 because she hasn't seen those either.

I know!!! Shocking, right???

Today we went to see more waterfalls, there is SO MUCH water in Canada!!! Waterfalls, rivers and lots and lots of rain! It's home away from home, know what I'm saying?