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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day Eight!

Day eight and we took the ferry from Vancouver the mainland to Vancouver the island. Uncharacteristically we were early so we were stuck in a queue waiting for an hour and a half...
Have I ever told you how much my dad hates queuing in traffic???
No? Well he really, really, REALLY hates it!
When we were aboard the irritation was quickly soothed away, largely due to a huge cup of coffee and a wild salmon burger. ;-)
Unfortunately our trials weren't over: as we were all told to return to our cars as docking was imminent someone, who shall remain nameless (Mum) decided they needed to visit the loo.
Dad stayed behind to wait for her and gave me, my sister and my friend Kit the keys so that we could get in the car. So off we trotted...
Trouble was we couldn't FIND the car, we had all believed it to be parked on floor 2, but one frenzied inspection later and no car had been found.
Never mind, we said, we'd just search the next level.
Then all the cars started up.
Panic set in as I pictured my dad standing beside our car: keyless, frustrated and annoyed, with an irate queue of drivers waiting to disembark behind him.
I'm not going to lie: I completely lost it.
I pride myself on being a calm person, when things are going wrong I can be relied on to keep my head. Until today I couldn't even remember my last meltdown! However as the gates of the ferry opened and the cars started to give it a bit of throttle I did my best impression of a headless chicken. My sister, who said she couldn't remember seeing me so worked up ever before, spent most of the time laughing at me.
Then, as if by magic, another deck appeared. It was like stumbling across Brigadoon!!!  At the far end a man walked up and down beside his car. I could have cried I was so relieved and I'm pretty sure my dad felt the same.
I've never been more thankful that he has a sense of humour: not even one angry word passed his lips.
And so on with our adventure!

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