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Monday, 24 March 2014

Day Ten!

Today we went to see some 800 year old trees in a forest called Cathedral Grove.

It was a really beautiful forest, there were ferns everywhere and moss grew thickly on the trees. The sun shone and in the dappled light it seem like a fae, enchanted world. I half expected to see a unicorn and a few fairies!
It felt like I was on the set of lord of the rings. I kept thinking I should have been wearing a floaty white dress and maybe a wreath of flowers in my hair. My friend Kit said that I'd look more like a druid than an elf!

The only thing that could have made the experience even better would have been a Costa Coffee, but I guess that's nit picking!
We took TONS of photos, I'm pretty sure they'll come in handy for The Vow's book trailer, we might even use them for a back drop for a MV.
Tomorrow we go horse riding, or as they like to call it here: horse *back* riding!!! ;-P

DeeDee.  ;-D

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