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Friday, 14 March 2014

Canada: Day Three!

Today we had sunshine!

It was -16 and when we walked to the falls and I felt as though my nose and lips might fall off! But it was worth it, the view of the falls was much clearer today and it was interesting to get close and see that the water going over the cliffs was very icy. It looked a bit like a slushy drink, but a nicer colour! After taking lots of pickys we went inside to thaw out with a cup of coffee.

We might also have taken a silly picture that depicted me and my friend Kit throwing my sister over Niagara falls...

But I cannot confirm that such a photo exists...    ;-P

Something that I've noticed as we've been walking is that large speakers on the street play the local radio station. I've never been anywhere else that has done that, I like it though. Another thing is that the city is built very differently to anything in England, everything is really spaced out, one block only seems to contain a building or two and there is LOTS of parking!

This afternoon we went for dinner at the Skylon Tower, which looks like this:

The dinning room goes around and round so that you get a 360 degree view of the falls and the surrounding countryside. I'm not sure why but it kept reminding me of this scene from The Big Bang Theory:

My cousin Jac Jac (she's 6 years old) had a sip of her dad's non alcoholic cocktail and said it tasted like a wet one, which was a little embarrassing. Jac Jac's not much of a whisperer, so I'm pretty sure the whole room heard! Kids are lovely, aren't they?!?!? She's very disappointed that none of the restaurants we've been to have Heinz baked beans: thank goodness chips are international!!! ;-P

Night has descended once again and fluffy pillows await, so goodnight until tomorrow.

DeeDee.  ;-D

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