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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Canada: Day Four!

Today we went to see Niagara on the lake

I'm going to be honest and tell you I didn't actually make it to the lake... You see there was a sweet little town next to the lake and I spent most of my time looking in the shops!!!

I found a lovely little shop that specialised in maple syrup products and gourmet sauces. I kind of want to live next door to that shop. I bought one of my most favouritest things: maple butter. I used to be able to buy maple butter in England, but after a year or so the shop i used to get it from stopped selling it! First they got me hooked and then they took away my supply!
I also bought two of their award winning sauces, one balsamic salad dressing and one feta cheese and herb pasta dressing... They tasted divine!

It all seemed like a good idea until I tried to get both bottles in my suitcase. I'm starting to wish I'd listened to my dad when he said to always leave your suitcase half full so that you have room for any purchases you make while on holiday.

Tomorrow we start our train journey, I'm really getting excited now!

DeeDee. :-D

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