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Friday, 21 March 2014

Days 5, 6, & 7 Of The Chant Family's Canadian Adventure!

Hello everyone! And welcome to day 8 of the Chant family's Canadian adventure! We've just arrived at our hotel where we'll spend one night before taking the ferry across to Vancouver Island.
Days 5,6 and 7 were spent on board the sleeper train between Toronto and Vancouver. (No interwebnet, so no blog posts!!!) 
It was soooooo much fun! The rooms were really tiny and so me and Kit had to choreograph any activities, like visiting the WC for instance!
I had the top bunk for the first time since I was about 8 years old. I have a bit of a fear about top bunks, I always worry that the bed will collapse and I'll end up crushing the person bellow me.
We saw some truly stunning scenery, the Rocky Mountains were all (and more!) I had hoped. The service was lovely, the attendants very helpful and the food was great!
A little too great...
I think I may have gained a couple of pounds!
I think the waiters thought I needed feeding, because I got dessert whether I'd asked for it or not!
I've just been informed that there is a mall attached to our hotel, I think I'd better go and check it out! ;-P

DeeDee  :-D  xxx

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