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The Chronicles Of Discord

Fracture (The Chronicles Of Discord, #1)

Genres: Futuristic/ Dystopia/ Romance/ Adventure/ Mystery

Is the first book in 'The Chronicles Of Discord' series that tells of the struggle between the three super powers that rule the earth in the future, and the secrets they hide. Here’s the synopsis:


In a world torn apart by war, three nations stand divided:
The Free Nation
Senator Burton and his son Ben arrive in the Tula strongholds for peace talks, but find themselves mistrustful of the seeming perfection of the Tula world.

The Tula
Astra is Councillor Ladron's subsidiary, pressured into a false position to keep her loved ones safe. Her precariously balanced world begins to fracture when Ben starts to ask difficult questions about her past.

The Una
Kai is Apprentice Headman to the Una people. Unaccountably called upon to sacrifice his honour in the name of peace, Kai's hatred toward the injustice proves all consuming. If the time comes, will he be able to forgive?


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Severance (The Chronicles of Discord, #2)

(Expected Release: 2014)

The Head Families are at war, those who oppose Elder Headman Amajit view Astra's acceptance into the house of Singh as an abomination, a pollution of the pure Una bloodlines.
Duty and honour ought to be clear, still Kai and Astra must learn to overcome their past and rely on each other, or face death.
Senator Burton remains trapped in the Tula strongholds with no word of his son. Should he compromise, or seize the chance to stop Ladron?
Ben seems safe under Amajit's protection, but time is running out and a man once accustomed to influence, finds himself a pawn in a play for power.
The separation has begun... 

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