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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New Release: Severance (The Chronicles of Discord, #2)

Hi everyone!


Dystopia - Futuristic - Adventure - Mystery - Romance


The Head Families are at war, those who oppose Elder Headman Amajit view Astra's acceptance into the house of Singh as an abomination, a pollution of the pure Una bloodlines. 
Duty and honour ought to be clear, still Kai and Astra must learn to overcome their past and rely on each other, or face death. 
Senator Burton remains trapped in the Tula strongholds with no word of his son. Should he compromise, or seize the chance to stop Ladron? 
Ben seems safe under Amajit's protection, but time is running out and a man once accustomed to influence, finds himself a pawn in a play for power. 
The separation has begun...

The first book in the series, Fracture, is FREE on Amazon at the moment, so grab your copy now!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

DeeDee ;-)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Behind The Scenes: Gentian's First Photoshoot!!!

Hi everyone!

So here it is: Gentian's second vlog!

This was filmed just before and during our photoshoot. We had fun even though we were soooo nervous!!! Now we just hope that the photos turn out okay!!!

The images that we're having done will be our album cover, so it was quite important that we didn't make a mess of it!!!

Hope find it interesting!!!

DeeDee ;-)

Dress Up With Gentian!!!

Hi everyone!

so I'm pretty sure that you all know by now that as well as writing, I'm in a band with my sister. In January we're going to Resident Studios in London to record our first EP!!! Andy Rugg (who worked as a sound engineer for Coldplay from 2009-2012!!!) will be working on our EP which is AWESOME!!!

My sister, Jingle, is the driving force behind the band and it's through her hard work in getting our music out there that we've come this far with God's help.

Below is our very first Band vlog, all about our preparations for the photo shoot. Hopefully you'll enjoy getting to know us a bit better!  ;-)

DeeDee  ;-)