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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day Nine!

We arrived pretty late a the house yesterday, tired, hungry and totally fed up with luging our suitcases all over Canada. The log cabin is lovely! It looks like something out of a film. 
First off we had to decide who got which room... My nails came in handy at this point. Then we had to go the the local shop to pick up some *groceries* (which inspired a lively conversation about what people were buying at these shops that is so gross.) 
Me, Kit and Dad were sent out to scavenge and bring back food for the tribe. That little shop had EVERYTHING!!!
We even found Heniz baked beans!
But... It didn't sell maple syrup!
My uncle Tim said the owner should have his Canadian citizenship revoked. ;-P
So that night I made pancakes and corn syrup, uncle Tim still hasn't got over it. Today we went to Walmart: it was huge and three trolley fulls later we headed for home, tired but triumphant.
If we have to go back, there will be trouble!
Night is here and DeeDee's shattered, the cold has been going around the family for weeks now but i'm still holding strong and refusing to succumb to the germs. By that I mean i've been eating donuts!


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