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Claire Series (Short Stories)


Claire and the Party (Claire, #1)

Claire had no intention of going to the party. After all: who wanted to turn up by themselves to gathering that they knew their ex-boyfriend (and his gorgeous new girlfriend) would be attending? But her best friend Martin has other ideas. He intends to fix Claire's broken heart, and he doesn't care if she's unwilling to go along with his plan...

This is a 3506 word short story.    

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Claire and the haircut of Doom (Claire, #2)

Claire's having a bad day, and what better way is there to cheer herself up than getting her hair done? Unfortunately doom is not very far away...

This is a 2962 word short story, the second in the 'Claire' series.

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Claire and the Big Bad Bunny


Claire is invited on a weekend getaway by her best friend Bunny. Staying in a Scottish Castle sounds like fun and Claire is willing to overlook the fact that Bunny's almost sister-in-law, Snotty Lottie, has also been invited. 
However Bunny hasn't been entirely honest. 
Fresh air, kilts and Snotty Lottie... what could possible go wrong? 

This is a 7.900 word short story, #3 book in the 'Claire' series of short stories.

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