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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Canada: Day Two!

Morning has arrived!!!

I woke up to snow, which was very pretty and we immediately decided to go and see the falls (Niagara) as soon as we'd had brekky.

It was COLD!!!

I repeat COLD!!! Frostbite claimed our extremities and it was quite difficult to see where we were going because the wind stung our eyes so much. A word of advice: don't wear mascara, just, no. Everyone keeps telling us that this is the worst weather for 20 years; it snowed ALL day!!! ALL DAY!!! I'm used to a few hours snow here and there (on special occasions) so it was incredible to see it continue for HOURS.

It was also incredible to see how little affect it had on Canadian drivers! In England a light dusting of snow produces mass panic. Supermarket shelves empty and everyone stays *snowed in*. I have a feeling the Canadians would laugh so hard they cried if they saw an English *snow storm* and the mayhem in causes on our roads.

Snow on the road and yet the buses are still doing fifty!!! And the trucks just strap a snow shovel to the front of their bumpers and carry on business as usual!

Then we took my baby cousin swimming... no, not in the falls!!! It was a bit weird sitting in the hot tub and watching the snow pile up outside, but it was a good weird. And no: you're not having a picky of THAT!!!
 Now it's night time and I'm settling down for bed, jet lag is starting to kick in, telling me it's midnight at home. I have a few new episodes of my favourite series to watch before sleep has its way.

DeeDee.  ;-D

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