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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Canada: days 15 & 16

Welcome to days 15 & 16 of the Chant family's adventure!
I'll be honest and tell you that yesterday I spent most of my time editing.

I got 5000 words done and  I just introduced Leofric, Daegmund and Anlaf back in to the story. I have to say that Daegmund is my favourite character to write, he's just so inappropriate! He has a lot more page time in this book which is good, there's so much going wrong but he really lightens the mood. You gotta love a bit of Gradock arrogance!

The I spent the afternoon introducing my friend Kit to the world of Thor... Now that was a few well spent hours! I know what you're thinking: how had this chick managed to be my friend and yet not have watched Thor??? Well the truth is she didn't fess up to the crime until yesterday!

The good news is that she has been totally assimilated and so we can still be friends. :-P
We started the film and she was like: blondes don't really do it for me. I told her that until Thor I had been an aficionado of the dark side too, but Thor was in a class a of his own.
By the end of the film she was singing a different tune! Tonight it's The Avengers and the day after Thor 2. At some point we'll have to watch Iron man 2&3 because she hasn't seen those either.

I know!!! Shocking, right???

Today we went to see more waterfalls, there is SO MUCH water in Canada!!! Waterfalls, rivers and lots and lots of rain! It's home away from home, know what I'm saying?

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