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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Canada: 11 and 12.

Days 11 and 12!

Yesterday we went horse (back) riding and so today we had a *rest* day due to... Um... Newly discovered muscles. ;-P
It was a three hour ride through the countryside, lots of trees and (rather scarily!) distant gunshots!!!
Before they let us out into the wide unknown, we had a half hour refresher course. My cousin Bobby was voted best horseman and so was given the psycho horse. My uncle Tim got the grumpy horse, it bit him... Several times. And my friend Kit was given the oldest horse, it was the first time she'd been riding and the consensus of opinion was that she looked like a wet tea bag on a trampoline!
The next day we went to see a steam powered mill, it was a little bit creepy because it was completely deserted. There were lights on and everything looked as though it had been in use just a few seconds before.
It felt like the wood yard version of the Mary Celeste!!!
Tomorrow we're going whale watching.

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