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Friday, 9 September 2016

The Assurance Now Has A Cover!!!

Hello everyone!

So I have news!!! Not only does The Assurance now have a cover AND a synopsis, it also has a Goodreads page!!!

The Assurance will also be the first of my books to come out in paperback form and ebook form at the same time. I do want to prepare you though: as I've mentioned before Leofric's book is on the long side. This means that the Paperback version is going to be a little bit expensive because Createspace sets the minimum price of the book and I can't do anything about it. It think it's going to be at about the $20 price point.

Sorry. :-(

On the up side I'm sooo pleased with how the cover turned out!

I want to be all cool about it but I can't be so I'm gonna point out that it's red.

Red, people.

As in Leofric's red hair.

Yep, you've got it: I've been saving this cover for four years to tie in with Leofric's curls. It's sad that I've given it that much thought, isn't it? That I've been excited for this moment to reveal my brilliance to you all.

*Shakes Head*

Moving swiftly on, we also have a synopsis to reveal:

Gifted with a cheerful and open nature, Leofric of Drogand was held to be the most charming man in all of Wessex. Yet there were depths to his character that few understood. Forced to keep secrets from his earliest years, Leofric had become highly skilled when it came to intrigue and subterfuge.It was his taste for adventure that led him to take up a position in Kent's royal court, but spying on the royal household on behalf of Wessex soon ceased to amuse him.Would the dangerous web of lies he found himself surrounded by prove to be his undoing?Or would he find, in the most unlikely of places, the new beginning he never imagined could be his? 

Which brings an end to my news. I'll update you as soon as i have a release date, but until then: read on bookworms!!!

DeeDee xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Assurance Is FINISHED!!!

Hello people!

I am pleased to be able to announce that I have just finished the last edit of The Assurance!!! Now I just have to send it to be proofread and hand it over to my beta readers and it will be ready for launch!!!

I can hardly believe how long it's taken me, but life has been steadily encroaching on my writing time for months now. It didn't help that Leofric, having found himself centre stage, would not behave and kept on throwing me curve balls. Long story short (only in this post though, 'cos Leofric's book is really, really long), The Assurance came in at 149.000 words.

Yeah, I know.

Couldn't shut Fricka up once I let him loose in his own book.

Despite being unexpectedly lengthy, I'm pleased with how the book went; Leofric is such a great character to write with his effervescent attitude and the sadness it hides. It was hard walking the line between exploring the misery in his past, and yet still focusing on the cheerful, mischievous knave we know and love.

One of the most daunting things about writing The Assurance was that so many readers have told me that Leofric is their favourite character! It's very nerve-wracking and I just hope that I've done Leofric justice!

Do you agree with popular opinion, or do you have a different favourite? Let me know in the comments section!

Until next time: read on, bookworms!!!

DeeDee xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Update! The Assurance and More!!!

Hi everyone! Long time no post!!!

I cannot BELIEVE how long it's been! I have news though: I finished The Assurance and I'm half you through the 1st edit!!! Topped out at about 130.000 words, which is utterly ridiculous but I guess I should have expected as much from Leofric!!! ;-P

I've also managed to find time to set up a Book Sprout page: Book Sprout is an app that lets you follow your favourite authors and receive notifications when they release a new book or have an offer on! So if you sign up and follow me you'll get a notification through the second The Assurance goes live. You'll also get price drop notifications on all my books when they are discounted! ;-P

Read on, bookworms!

DeeDee xxx