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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Broken City: FREE on Amazon and Smashwords!!!

Hi everyone,

Broken City is now free on both Amazon and smashwors: grab your copy now!!!


In a Broken City, filled with warring tribes, lives: 

A girl with no future 
A man with no past 
A little lost boy 
And those who seek to find him.... 

....Welcome to Deeta's world. 

Deeta Richards has never seen the outside world. Before she was born a banking crisis brought civilization to an end and now no one leaves the safety of the compounds unless they need to, but Deeta still dreams of seeing more than the building she was born in. 
Tom is in the guard, this group are the only people that the tribal elders allow to leave the compound and Tom knows only too well that Deeta could never survive the harshness that exists outside. Then tragedy strikes and Deeta and her Sister Jan find themselves captured by a hostile tribe. Why does Tom know so much about these people? And why do they know so much about him? As this mystery draws to a climax, they discover that their friend Tom is not quite what he seems...

Buy It Now!

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sneak Peek: Severance (Chronicles of Discord, #2)

Hi everyone!

So my big news is that Severance is almost ready to publish!!!

*Pompom Dance*

I still have a few things to iron out before the book goes live but I've posted a sneaky peeky for everyone waiting to see what will happen to Astra, Kai and the gang next!

I really hope you like it!

Severance (Chronicles of Discord, 2) - Wattpad

DeeDee ;-D  xxx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Chronicles of Discord: FREE BOOK ALERT!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I haven't posted in an age but I've been reallllyyyy busy.

My most exciting news is that I'm at the 90.000 word mark in the first edit of Severance (The Chronicles of Discord, #2). I'm really getting excited and I'm hoping it will be ready to release some time in November!!!

If you haven't read the first book 'Fracture' yet I'm doing a special *one week* promotion through where you can pick up the first book in the series for FREE! If you love dystopian adventures with action and romance: look no further!

Smashwords supports all Ereaders!

Fracture Synopsis:

In a world torn apart by war and divided into three nations Astra struggles to achieve balance. As a child she experienced a horror that caused her life to fracture around her, changing in an instant everything she’d ever known. 
Sixteen years later and Astra has been pressured into a false position by her past and is forced into taking a stand that enables her to keep her loved ones safe, but the cost is high.
Caught in an intolerable position Astra is loyal to only one thing: the family that loves her. But when a diplomatic mission from the Free Nation arrives for peace talks with the Tula, Astra’s precariously balanced world begins to fracture again.

The code for your personal FREE copy is: GK92G 

Happy reading!

DeeDee  :-D