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Friday, 28 March 2014

Canada: Days 13 and 14.

So yesterday we went whale watching on a 65 foot boat. We were really excited and even the fact that rain had begun to fall lightly didn't alarm us.

We all boarded and quietly chugged our way out in to open sea... that's when things started to go a bit pear shaped.

Now I personally love it when the sea is on the rough side, I like the rolling of the boat and spray going everywhere. Despite the fact that I get HORRIBLY car sick, it's very rare that I feel sea sick. Unfortunately I'm in the minority; it seems that quite a few of the Chants had left their sea legs at home.

And we weren't the only ones, the poor lady sitting in front of me spent the whole THREE HOUR trip alternately throwing up and huddling in a corner with her eyes closed.

As for the whales... well we saw quite a few spouts, but they weren't feeling very gymnastic. We also saw some sleeping sea otters (which might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen!), some sea lions, eagles nests and wild cows...

Yes, you read that right: wild cows. The tour guides seem pretty excited about it, but they just looked like regular cows to me.

We were sooooo hungry by the time we docked again and decided that some fish and chips would hit the spot nicely. ;-P

Today we were less adventures and when to see some waterfalls. They were VERY pretty and worth the effort involved even though we had to walk down (and up!) about a million steps! Now we're home and curled up in front of a roaring log fire. I think I'd probably better do some editing...


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