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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Long Time, No Speak.

Hi everyone!

So yet again it's been FAR too long since I updated my blog. Soooo much stuff has been happening and 'real life' has been messing with me a lot lately. I'm finally back to work on Broken City 3 and approaching the 20.000 word mark!!!

My biggest of big news is that I'm currently working on getting all my books formatted and ready for Createspace.

That's right, folks!

Hard copies of the Broken City, Lady Quill, and Chronicle of Discords series will be available VERY soon!!!

*Pompom Dance*

I've also decided on a title for Broken City 3 (drum roll please):

Broken Pride

Hopefully me and Kate (from Laycee Art Design) will be getting together soon to start work on the cover. We've already been throwing ideas back and forth, and I'm really excited to see where our ideas will end up.

It's all very exciting, and I can't wait to show you the finished product!

DeeDee :-)


If you haven't read the first in the Broken City series, get over to Amazon now and download your FREE copy.