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Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hi everyone!

So I’ve been a bit busy lately with appointments and such so I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked!
I’m reading ‘Moonstone’ at the moment, and I’m really enjoying it. There is a lot of subtle humour from the narrator and I’m really getting into the mystery.....I’m pretty sure I know who did it!!!! The characters are well depicted; I’m particularly fond of Betteredge and Cuff. Betteredge because he thinks he knows everything that there is to know about human nature and yet you realize from his narration that he’s actually rather clueless and naive! Cuff I’m enjoying because although he’s a bit sneaky, he’s very clever and I kind of like him....I might feel differently if I was a criminal though!!!

I loved how when the first police officer (whose name escapes me!) comes on the scene the two suitors to Miss Rachel’s hand view him so differently. The writer already has you rooting for one over the other at this point and somehow manages to make the other suitors good qualities work against him in your mind. Or at least that’s what happened to me! When this secondary suitors charitable deeds were listed to me (In Betteredge’s tones of respect and admiration) I found myself becoming decidedly cynical about him and his motives: Helps out rich ladies with their charitable acts does he? Rrrrrrright! *sly wink*. When the pompous Superintendent comes on the scene and talks to everyone individually the Hero comes away with the firm belief that the superintendent will be as much use as a broken leg in a 50 meter sprint!!! The second suitor comes away extolling the superintendent’s virtues!!!

So far Miss Rachel hasn’t been much of a presence in the story, you hear ‘of’ her not ‘from’ her. At the moment she’s a bit overwrought at the loss of that HUGE diamond......but really girls, who wouldn’t be?!?!?!  I’ve got to admit to feeling a little bit uncomfortable with its loss myself!

Still not sure where her mother stands in the mystery, if she knows, or at least guesses, more than she’s letting on.

Feel a bit sorry for the maid, Rosanna, to me she just seems lonely and unloved, but everyone is giving her a hard time. Cuff does too! (I think he called her sly!) I think out of everyone she’s having the toughest time of it....and I think she’s being used. But like I say the rest of the story may prove me wrong!!!!

I’ve also done a lot of work on my own book! I’m 70.000 words into ‘Fracture’ and everything’s coming together beautifully! I’m so excited about it.

I just have one more plot twist and then a cliff hanger to end the book on ready for the next book in the series! It’s actually morphed into something quite different to what I expected: when I started out it was just going to be one I’m thinking more like three!

First off there’s Ben, who I never meant originally to have such a large part!
Then there’s Councillor Ladron who I secretly very proud of: he makes my flesh creep!
Astra’s entire family.....never meant to have so much about them in the story!
Shin, who started out as a bit part and is now the voice of reason!!!
Really, the list is endless!

So hopefully that will be read for uploading soon too!!!!

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