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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Amazing New Review!!!

Hi everyone! I just had the most AMAZING review!!!  And I'm gonna be horribly vulgar and post it here!!!

This is what John said:

Oct 08, 2011 John Steiner 

D.D. Chant captures the great themes one would otherwise expect from Machiavelli, Shakespeare and a bit of Steinbeck. In most post-apocalyptic stories the end came from some doomsday weapon or environmental cataclysm. Yet Chant decides that a few numbers on stock market boards and bank balance sheets are just as formidable weapons of mass destruction, and advances that concept into the story's environment, plot and characters rather well. 

Furthermore, she an employs of a really excellent literary skill that I'm more than a wee envious of. Chant creates two distinct impressions of a character, one that's their real face and another that is conceived of in the mind of another character. From there she convinces the reader of one and to ignore the other, proving to me that the writer's pen is a tool of mind control. 

The portrayal of single cityscape likewise is filled with seeming wholly different worlds, the appearance of and living within reflect the nature of the societies Chant crafts. Chant brilliantly employs economy of language to her witty dialogue, banter, slights and snide remarks between characters that brings forth laughs and efficiently paints the social environment of her scenes. I don't know if D.D. Chant studied the anthropological nature of clan based civilizations, but if she hasn't I find her tribal political framework of the novel that much more incredible. 

While the story deals with tensions and armed conflict the story's timing and perspective deals primarily with the home front illustrating the strain of those holding down the fort and keeping the home fires burning. That not only those off to war feel the tribulations, but the people they return to also bear the burden. 

Overall, in the years to come if this novel isn't being assigned in schools alongside classics like "The Good Earth" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" I would have to question the literary competency of the educational system.

I can't believe it!!! My head is so big at the moment I can't sqeeze through the doors in my house!!!

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  1. That is a wonderful review! Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.