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Friday, 4 November 2011

Glitter and 4 year olds DOESN'T mix!!!

Okay, so today I made sugar paste flowers.

Random, huh???

I made them for a welcome home cake that I’m making for my Aunts and Uncles and they took a LONG time!!!

Raspberry and white chocolate.

I knew you were wondering what flavour the cake is going to be!!!

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever made Sugar paste flowers but it’s kind of delicate......and my 4 year old Cousin is sooooooo in to cooking right now! You can imagine what transpired.

First she wanted to sit beside me and watch.

Then she wanted to sit on my knee and watch.

Then she wanted to help me cut out the flowers.

Then she wanted to help me wet the edges ready to stick edible glitter to.

Then she wanted to sprinkle the edible glitter on to the flowers!!!!

Have you ever seen what happens when a 4 year old ‘helps’ you with the glitter????
If you possibly can, try to avoid finding out!!!



Anyway, they turned out pretty cute! Hopefully I’ll be able to upload a picture of the cake when it’s done but I’ll need my uncle (that would be one of the ones that’s coming) to help me do that! I’m a complete technophobe!!!

Also I got a review today!!!
This is what Jud said:

Jud (Krisztof) rated it ***** 
I loved this book. 
I really got into the story and believed in the characters, so much so when I woke up this morning after finishing the book last night my first thoughts were about Deeta, Tom and the whole gang. While reading the book I couldn't help but think "this could really happen". 
The story focuses quite a lot on the differences in people and how everyone is seen differently by others and also on how people cope in difficult situations, in that sense it is more than just a good story. 
I recommend this to anyone.

So Happy!!!


  1. Hi, D.D, I discovered your novel The promise in Smashwords and knew in Goodreads it is the first in a series setting in Saxon England.Well, I love medieval novels, especially those setting in Dark Ages. I also read which the 5 novels will be in time period of king Ine of Wessex (8th century, I think). I would like to know more about your researchs to write The Lady Quill series and about the characters in next books. Success and thanks for your attentio, Cristina Machado.

  2. Hi Cristina,

    I typed up and answer to your post but it was soooooo long I've decided to post it as a blog post!!! I hope it answers you question!!!

    DeeDee Chant.