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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Teaser for 'The Promise'!!!

Hi everyone! I've sorted out my Proofreader promblem!!!! Yay!!!

So I thought I'd post a little teaser for my next book! 'The Promise' is in a different genre to 'Broken City', it's a romantic adventure set in saxson England and is the start of a series. The story tells of how one single battle changes the course of many lives. As you read the book it becomes obvious that just because the battle's over, it doesn't meen that it's finished.

Here's the Prologue!!!

There are many things I could tell you of Calis. 

I could tell you the story of how the first Lord Berron was given the lands by his liege, Eaorlman Cerdic, as a prize in recognition of his bravery in battle. 

I could tell you how this first Lord of Berron, a younger brother of the great Lord Targhe, had proved himself loyal to his liege and had fought for Eaorlman Cerdic’s right to rule. 

I could even tell you how the second Lord of Berron had carried off the betrothed of his cousin Lord Targhe, and installed her as his own lady, or how from this point on the houses of Berron and Targhe, although really one, became bitter enemies. 

It was this enmity that caused the 8th Lord Targhe to attack Calis with the intention of killing the entire house of Berron. The 3rd Lord Berron sent messengers to his liege beseeching him that he might send aid, which aid was indeed sent in the form of Lord Valrek, Lord Kyule, Lord Drogand and their armies. 

The supreme strength of this force defeated Lord Targhe and liberated Calis, but not before Lord Targhe had wrought his revenge upon the house of Berron, killing as he thought it’s every member. 

In this belief however he was mistaken for Lord Berron's youngest child, a daughter then but two years of age, had been concealed by her nursing woman. Lord Brogan of Valrek, confronted by this vulnerable survivor who had no family to protect her and whose very existence would infuriate the still living Targhe, did the only thing he could do. Lord Valrek appealed to his liege for permission that he might betroth Lady Adele to his only son, Lord Rafe of Valrek, thereby giving her the protection she so desperately needed. 

But this action was fraught with its own difficulties, for this would install Rafe as Lord over two kingdoms, giving him great and unprecedented power. Such an action would instil fear and jealousy in the remaining Lords of Wessex. But there had been little choice, with Adele’s position being what it was, that power would have to be converged upon someone and king Ine had rather it be Brogan’s son than any other. 

And so lord Brogan had placed lady Adele of Berron’s lands in to his son’s hands and Rafe, then but a boy of ten years and under the guidance of his advisors, had set about restoring the war damaged lands of his Lady who was herself sent to live secluded in an old fort in the hills where she would be cared for and instructed until her eighteenth year, when Rafe would arrive to carry his bride with much pompous show to Valrek where he would make her his wife. 

It is true that I could tell you any one of these stories, but I am going to tell you Rafe’s, and consequently Adele’s. 

Thanks for listening!!!

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