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Saturday, 8 October 2011

What makes a book special?

Hi everyone!
      So I was thinking: what is your favourite part of a book? The little touches that separate a good book from a REALLY good book! For me it’s when the hero has friends that he’s really nice to, because, let’s face it, he ought to be able to be nice to the heroine! He’s trying to impress her after all! But when he’s nice to other people in the book you really get the sense that he’s a nice guy!
      I also like it when the Heroine has just a little bit more sense than the average mosquito! Some Heroines can be so mind numbingly dumb you kinda wonder why the Hero is interested in her.
      I’ll read almost any genre so long as it has romance and adventure; I love Georgette Heyer because a lot of her stories have so much humour in them. Freddy in ‘Cotillion’, Pel and Pom in ‘Convenient Marriage’, Dysart in ‘April Lady’, Ferdy V Nemesis in ‘Fridays Child’ and Claude in ‘The Unknown Ajax’.  All such funny stories. As a 12 year old I would go to bed with a Georgette Heyer in one hand and a dictionary in the other so I could look up all the words I didn’t know!!! And I would be in Hysterics over the antics of Pel, Ferdy and Freddy, so much so that my sister used to demand to know what I was laughing at. So I would read out loud and me and Amy would laugh and Mum would suddenly appear and tell us that we were supposed to be asleep. But Mum would always stay to listen to whatever it was that had made us chuckle.
    P.G. Wodehouse was another favourite; Bertie’s the kind of Nice but Dim that you’d like to meet. And the amount of times I’ve read James Herriot!!! All these books prove to me that it isn’t the plot, or the romance that is most important. A book can have a good plot filled with romance and still be a ‘fail’ because the Characters aren’t likable. The Characters are at least half of the whole, and their actions and decisions drive the story forward and make you care whether or not there is a happy ending.
What about you?
What do you think are the things that make a book special?

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