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Friday, 14 October 2011

Some GREAT News....& Some Not So Great.

Hi everyone! I’m so excited because I’ve been invited to a live author even to discuss my book! It’s going to take place sometime in December and I’m just sooooooooo EXCITED about it! I’ll be posting the details soon!

Had a busy few days so I haven’t done that much reading, I’m in the middle of ‘Moonstone’ and I’m enjoying it, but I find it a little hard to get into a book if I just read short snippets. I like a good long session but they’re kinda hard to fit in!!!

I’ve just found out that my supposedly ‘Professional’ proof reader is trash; this is after I’ve uploaded my book!!! I’m so upset because proofreaders don’t come cheap and she’s wasted my time and I feel so embarrassed that anyone who’s brought my book so far hasn’t had the best. I’m having it done again but it won’t be finished until early December!!! Still, it has to be corrected. I think this is probably going to put the release of my next book back as well, but we’ll have to wait and see!

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