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Monday, 30 July 2012

Guest Post: 'The Promise'!


So here is a copy of a guest post that went live today! Thank you to Nobonita for having me on her blog and for all her support!

I love historical romance.
I remember the first HR I ever read, it was ‘The Convenient Marriage’ by Georgette Heyer and I was hooked! Victorian, Edwardian, Regency, Medieval…I loved them all!!!
But what was it that I loved so much about these stories???
Obviously I loved the romance, the adventure but that is true in any book whatever genre. And then it hit me, it’s the same thing that I love about post apocalyptic and futuristic stories: I love seeing the huge difference between the world I’m reading about and my own world and yet still seeing similarities too.
But why Saxon?
I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know at first what period of history I was going to choose to set The Promise in. I wanted something different and unique, something unusual and after reading up on the Saxons I realised that I had found the perfect setting.
The period in Saxon England after the Romans had left was a very fascinating; King Ine of Wessex, the King that Rafe serves, was Christian and his laws reflected that fact. There were huge tensions between the different Kingdoms making it a writer’s paradise when it came to intrigue.
The time period was also very mindful of women and gave them a great deal of care that was missing from later times, which meant that Adele would have had a lot more say in her marriage and her life in general than women in future time periods when she would have basically been a method of transferring land and money to create an alliance between families. It is also suggested that well born women could be very powerful and well educated, and also that in some cases they could inherit. Which is obviously not what you expect from ‘The Dark Ages’!!!
I have deviated from fact in some place: in the story I state that Whitred of Kent died while Ine was still ruling...that is incorrect as King Ine abdicated to make a pilgrimage to Rome and Whitred didn’t die until the following year.
But it was necessary for the plot of my story.
Also I’ve given Whitred a daughter although I can find no evidence that he had one and filled in the blanks: I know that he had three sons and three wives, but cannot be sure which son(s) belonged to which wife.
The Promise was originally a standalone book, but by the time I had introduced Finan and Leofric I knew that there was more to this story than I had planned. I wanted to hear more about them and what would happen to them next. I also found myself interested in Daegmund and Anlaf of Gradock despite the fact that I had only planed them to have a small part in the story. Now I’m hoping to give them their own books in the Lady Quill series!

To everyone who has read my book, thank you so much for taking a chance on my story and I really hope you liked it and want to know what happens next.
To anyone thinking about reading my story: go for it!!! Lol!

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