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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Honey, Honey!!!

It is that time of the year again!
It is the time for stealing liquid gold from a vicious hoard of weaponized and decidedly ungenerous foes. Yes I’m talking about my Dad’s pet bees!!!

Over the years that my Dad has kept bees he has developed an allergy to them, and more importantly, to the honey. He can’t touch the honey anymore and so the uncapping and extracting has been passed on to me, my Mum and my sister.

Now I don’t know how familiar you are with extracting honey but there are a few things that you know are going to happen EVERY time you attempt to process the honey:

1.      The honey will get everywhere, on every surface, in your hair and sticky patches will mysteriously appear on your jeans and tee shirt.

2.      You will eat too much honey. Don’t argue because you just will, the temptation is impossible to ignore and making yourself sick is inevitable. I would actually question the sanity of someone who could finish the extracting process without feeling as though they might cast up their accounts!!! Ladles, spoons, sieves and all manner of other implements will present themselves to you just begging to be licked and you will be powerless to deny them!

3.      At the point when your hands are at their stickiest your nose will start to itch, this phenomena is not limited to honey extraction but is rife throughout life’s more messy moments.

4.      At some point you will forget to close the tap and honey will pour out all over the floor.

5.      All those jars you’ve been saving will have lost their lids, I don't know how this happens it just does.

6.      After you’ve showered and changed you will find a sticky bit you somehow managed to miss.

But despite all of that, the delicious taste of honey on toast every morning until the next season is a more than adequate reward!!!

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