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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Okay so first of all I have to say a great big SORRY for not being around lately! Blogger shut me out and I’ve only just managed to get back in! I know, I know; I told you that I was a complete technophobe but I bet you didn’t realise I was this bad huh???

 Getting locked out of your blog has got to be like getting locked out of your house; no amount of explaining will convince everyone that you haven’t got some SERIOUS issues! I can almost picture you looking at this page and saying: what the heck is wrong with this chick???
Just how long has she been locked out???
No way! That long???
The very thought of being away from your blog that long is giving you cold turkey and your itching to call your therapist and talk the horrible fear that this might happen to you away! Lol!!!

To add to your horror I’ve managed to lock myself out of wattpad too!   :-(

So my big news is that I’ve FINNISHED ‘Fracture’!!!


I am soooooooo excited about it and am hoping to bring it out early next year! In the mean time here is the synopsis:

In a world torn apart by war and divided in to three nations Astra struggles to achieve balance. As a child she experienced a horror that caused her life to fracture around her and change everything she’d ever known in an instant. Sixteen years later and Astra has been pressured into a false position by her past taking a stand that enables her to keep her loved ones safe, but the cost is high.
Caught in an intolerable position Astra is loyal to only one thing: the family that loves her. But when a diplomatic mission from the Free Nation arrives for peace talks with the Tula, Astra’s precariously balanced world begins to fracture again.

If you want to be alerted when it goes live just click on this link:

In other news I’ve just had a LOVELY review from Judy at Little Hyuts, thank you Judy!!!

So bye for now and see you soon….as long as I don’t manage to be awesome again and lock myself out!!!

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