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Friday, 20 July 2012

Greetings from Falmouth

I have the flu.
And when I get the flu the germs really go to town.
Now I know you probably think that you get the flu bad but believe me: I get it far, far worse!!!
My sister is to blame for my current illness, she’s the one who brought me in to contact with these foul germs having caught the putrid sickness herself. Now I’m feeling like death warmed over and she is looking disgustingly cheerful. And glamorous. Which kind of adds insult to injury.
I’m visiting Falmouth at the moment and I have a beautiful view over the water at all the boats, the sun is shining and I just wish I wasn’t feeling quite so crummy and could enjoy my surroundings a little better.
As it is I’m curled up with my fluffy pillows and a very large hot toddy feeling very sorry for myself and watching day time T.V….is there ANYTHING more depressing than day time T.V.???
But the thing that is really getting to me is that I can’t taste anything at all!!! ‘Feed a cold’ the saying goes but a cold sucks the fun out of that as well!
As you can see I’m in a really good mood and am putting a brave face on my misery.

On the plus side I had a 5* review on Broken City:
 Sorry couldn’t help bragging a bit!

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