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Monday, 7 April 2014

Days 24 & 25

Days 24 & 25

Just a quick update because its late and I'm reallllyyy tired! 
Day 24 and we drove from Florence to Eureka. The scenery was sooo beautiful even though it rained most of the day! We stopped off at Walmart for bread, lettuce and chicken and a huge order of Starbucks!

On a related side note, I may be addicted to snickerdoodles.

Day 25 we drove from Eureka to San Francisco, we took the scenic route (also known as the car sick route). It was worth it though, we have some incredible pickys to take home. We stopped on the way for dinner, drove THROUGH a tree! And saw a log cabin (made from a single log)

It's pretty late now, so I'm off to bed!


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