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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Star Trek: In To Darkness.


DeeDee has finally watched Star Trek 2!!!

This film combines two of my favourite things: Star Trek and Sherlock! Or to be more precise: Cucumberpatch!!!

First off I just want to say poor old Admiral Pike! ;-(
I liked his character a lot in both films and was sad to see him go. Also I could have done with a bit more 'old' Spock, I missed him.

I really enjoyed the movie, it had the same snappy dialogue that characterised the first film, and I think it shifted from excitement/suspense to comic/wise cracking very smoothly.

Some funny in jokes and the continuation of some old gags in the first film worked nicely too, I particularly like Bones ever more inventive metaphors. I also want to see Sulu get his own ship, just so I can hear him say his first name more often.
Hirkaru, just in case you were wondering.
I really love that name...

Anyway... If there was one niggle it's that Spock wasn't really Spock-like enough for me this time around. In the first film I think Zachary Quinto really nailed it, this time I felt a little disappointed. I liked how he explored Spock's struggle to contain his anger, but I feel he was too soft in this film.
Gotta be honest, I don't want to see Spock crying.
That is just wrong on soooo many levels... I can't even... just no.

Then of course there is Captain Kirk... I don't really have a lot to say about Kirk. As a child William Shatner was my favourite character in the TV series.
Don't judge me!
Chris Pine is an okay Kirk, I just don't find him very memorable, or very likeable. Spock gets to be all reserved and mysterious, with all that pent up anger that makes him interesting. Bones gets to be all dry wit and wise cracks. Chekov gets to be sweet and nerdy, plus he has a cute accent. Hirkaru, because I'm refusing to call him Sulu now I know his first name, has skills when it comes to a samurai sword, the guy needs nothing else to be epic! And Scotty: well Scotty is SIMON PEGG!!! He just has to stand in front of a camera to be funny!!!

What does that leave poor old Chris Pine???

He's stuck playing a womanising hothead, with a seriously bloated idea of his own cleverness, who seems to stumble upon the right thing to do by accident rather than any merit of his own.

Did that sound harsh???

Blame it on all the exersize I'm doing lately! ;-P

And then we have Khan... or Cucumberpatch, as I like to call him. Well... what can we say about Khan other than he wasn't a baddie: he was just tragically misunderstood!!! ;-P
Great acting and very much a scene stealer!!!

So I guess this is where I tell you which of the crew of the Enterprise was my favourite this time round...

Bones takes it again!!!

Consistently good in both film, I'll like to see more of his grumpiness in the next film.

Who's your favourite???

Comment below and tell me!

DeeDee xxx

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