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Friday, 27 September 2013

It's Almost Ready!!!

Broken Truce's book cover, that is!

I have an artist friend who very kindly took on the job of designing the art word for the 2nd book in the Broken City series. I've always loved her work so I'm MEGA excited!

I wanted to keep the theme from the first book, but I wanted to incorporate some thing new and, if you've read the first story, something unexpected. 

Are you curious yet???

Broken Truce has some major new elements to the story, the biggest difference for me as the writer is that, unlike the first book, only a third of the story is narrated by Deeta. The remaining two thirds follow other lead characters. Because of these diferent point of view chapters, you start to see different sides of the world that Deeta inhabits.

I also had a lot of fun introducing new tribes into the mix, as well as new characters that become very important as the book, and the series, goes on.

Now I just have to finish editing the manuscript...  ;-P


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