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Friday, 16 March 2012

Joy(?) At The Cinema???

Okay it’s time for something random!!!

Me and my Mum and Sister decided to go to see ‘The Vow’ (weirdly enough this is the name of the 2nd book in my Lady Quill series!!! But I digress!) at the pictures. We decided to go to the earliest showing so that we would have the room to ourselves and armed with a TON of popcorn and a SEA of Coca Cola we took out seats (VIP) and settled down to watch.

Three quarters of an hour later we were still waiting (pretty patiently considering!!!) for the film to start. We had managed to restrain my sister from throwing popcorn at the two other people there to watch the film and sitting just in front of us (she has a short attention span!!!) and had surreptitiously been texting to keep from entering a catatonic state (a problem for me in the afternoon anyway, without adding a dimly lit room to the equation!!!)

Finally the film started......

About ten minutes in and I knew that this wasn’t going to be my kinda film!!!

Which is strange because it had ALL the right elements:

Eye candy?     Check
Pretty heroine?     Check
Romance?       Check
Did I mention eye candy?     CHECK!!!

But still I wanted to stick my head in an oven...I was soooo board!

I think it was because the hero was just sooooooooooooo NICE, he was adorable! He was absolutely lovely to the heroine and I felt so sorry for him.
But what of the heroine, I hear you ask.
That I think was the problem; I just didn’t like her. She gave the hero a hard time, she was pretty selfish and I didn’t feel sorry for her at all....

How is it possible to feel unsympathetic toward a girl who wakes up not remembering the last 5 years of her life? A woman that has forgotten who she is? Who has no memory of the man she is married to?

Well the answer is pretty simple: 

The man she is married to is Channing Tatum!!!

If you woke up one morning not knowing who you were or what you’d spent the last five years of your life doing I think that you’d be reassured once you saw that you’d married Channing Tatum!
Life couldn’t have gone so badly!

In conclusion I guess what I’m saying is that it just wasn’t my thing! Not enough adventure (hard to believe, right?) it needed a few Vikings to come along and liven things up!

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