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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fun In The Garden!!!

First of all I think that I should mention the gorgeous weather we’re having. Sunshine is such a rare commodity in England and when those rays pierce the cloudy skies, it’s a big thing that we all love to talk about! Here in Devon we’ve had not just one lovely day but FIVE in a row!!!

My blog post today is directly influenced by the aforementioned weather.

After putting off the pruning of the rose garden for far too long, encouraged by the sunshine (Okay, okay….and even more strongly encouraged by my Nana brandishing a garden hoe!) I found myself some secateurs (or rather my mother did, my search and recover skills being somewhat lacking) and bravely entered the garden.

Now before you get the wrong idea I’d just like to mention that I planted this particular rose garden five years ago with the aid of my sister, Amy. It’s an L shaped garden and before we had the happy idea of filling it with rose bushes, it had a black plastic covering (not put in place by us!) and a few uninteresting bushes.

After taking the plastic covering off and a month or so passing, we became aware of why someone had resorted to putting it down in the first place:

I have never seen a patch of ground sprout so many weeds, most of which were dock with foot long tap roots!!! It has taken us five years to get rid of them!

Anyway, back to today!

I believe I was in the garden armed with secateurs……

My Nana was with me hoeing the weeds around the bushes, and my baby Cousin Jak Jak had also come to watch and was insisting upon wending her way through the thorny bushes.

Nana and I spent the whole time telling her to be careful or she would get scratched…..

Then it happened.

A thorn scratched, a yelp rang out, blood began to ooze and a plaster was sought.

However in was dear little Jak Jak running to fetch the plaster and me with the wounded hand!!!

The moral of this story??? I’m not sure, but I am fully cognisant of its irony!!!

Also for those of you who are green fingered here is a picture of the first rose bud of the year:

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