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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Oh. My. Goodness!!!

I am sooooooo excited right now!!!

For those of you who remember my 2013 self challenge to write the next books in all three of my series: I have news!!!

*Clears throat*

I have just finished 'The Vow', 2nd book in The Lady Quill Chronicles series!!!!


'The Vow' is Finan's story but all the gang are back, along with some new faces. ;-P   This book took me a little by surprise, there were a lot of twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. Finan proved a very hard hero to pin down, his bluntness and silence not making him the easiest romantic lead to write! In fact he fought me most of the way through the book, but in the end he did what I wanted him too, even if it was on his terms!

You get to see a different side to him: in 'The Promise' he is cool headed, very protective of Rafe and Leofric but some how a little remote. 'The Vow' shows you why he's like that, and you get a clearer idea of just how Evoric's death affected him.

I think that the character I had most fun with this time around was Daegmund, I have to admit to having a rather large soft spot for his brand of arrogant carelessness. He gets to say and do all the things that everyone else is thinking, but is FAR too polite to say! He and Rafe's sister, Aisly, dislike each other intensely on sight and I had a right giggle putting poor old Rafe in the middle of all their arguments!

Now I'm going to have a few days off before I start on the 3rd and final book of my challenge: Severance (Chronicles of Discord, 2#)

DeeDee xxx

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