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Monday, 25 March 2013

Big News!!!

DeeDee has finished the first draft of Broken City 2!

I can't believe it, and I'm terribly excited about the whole thing! I still have to edit but just for now I'm wallowing in that just finished feeling of smugness!

I was rather surprised by how the story has turned out, only 1/3 is told from Deeta's POV and the rest is in the third person. We get to know Tom's brothers much better, particularly Jayden and Cayden, the twins. Deeta's has also changed a lot since the first book, she's no longer so trusting, she's grown up and developed a side to her character that she is a little scared of.

But no more spoilers!

Here is the synopsis for the book, I hope it grabs your interest!

Life isn't turning out the way that Deeta thought it would. With the Lewises defeated and peace between the tribes, she had believed that the dark times were a thing of the past.
But troubles between the tribes continue, and the Andak council have selected Tom as their ambassador and spokesman to the other tribes.
Deeta knows that there is still much resentment against the Andak, and that Tom is in danger every time he leaves the safety of Andak City.
Struggling with her own complicated feelings against the tribe that she is now a part of, Deeta tries to ignore the changing attitudes growing within her.
But when Tom is betrayed and they are thrust into great danger, Deeta finds that reality can't be ignored forever.

Now I just have to settle on a title!

I can't decide whether to stick to something plain:     Broken City 2.

Or whether to enlarge on the 'Broken' theme:     Broken Truce.

Or maybe just combine the two:      Broken City: Truce.

Decisions, decisions!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like Broken Truce. The series can still be Broken City.

  2. Thank you Judy! Amy says she likes Broken Truce too!

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  4. Oh, that sound AMAZING! :) I can't wait, do you have a estimated release date yet???

    1. Still wading through the editing, Alicia. I'm aiming for August but we'll have to see. ;-D

      Thank you so much for stopping by!